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Is there a difference between "in-home support" and "home health care?"
Whereas these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, quite simply, in-home support addresses the daily needs of people that are unable to do it all on their own. On the other hand, Home Health Care requires a licensed health care professional, such as a registered nurse or a licensed therapist, to render or oversee selected services. Emerald Care is a dedicated in-home support organization.
Is Emerald Care fully licensed and insured?
Yes, we carry a Personal Care Agency license with the State of Utah Health Department, along with both General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance.
Why would I want to engage an in-home support service?
The most common reason is that many families are challenged to provide their loved ones with the time and effort needed so they can remain living at home. Distance, other responsibilities, and busy lives too often comes into play when addressing the needs of family members unable to do all that is needed. Utilizing an in-home support service can provide a bridge between family member commitments and the needs of their loved ones.
What does it mean to me that Emerald Care is locally owned and operated?
At Emerald Care, there is no corporate structure that dictates the way that we provide services, which allows us greater flexibility in addressing the specific needs of our clients. Perhaps just as importantly, it also means that our people are part of the same community where you live, work, and play.
How are your caregivers hired and trained?
Our caregivers and CNAs go through the hiring process with our administrator who is a Registered Nurse. Our administrator also completes their initial skill competencies along with ongoing skill competencies and training.

We also periodically meet with our clients and/or family members to ensure that the level of care is meeting all expectations.
What type of options are available to pay for in-home care services?
  • Long-Term Care Insurance. Many insurance carriers provide for in-home support benefits. If long-term care insurance is needed, an excellent source of additional information and coverage options is available through AARP.
  • Medicare. Medicare does not pay for in-home support services.
  • Medicaid. To be eligible for Medicaid, you must meet qualification of either income-based criteria or disability needs. There are, however, a variety of other programs available through the Department of Aging under which you may also qualify.
  • Life Insurance. Certain life insurance policies can be used to provide funding for in-home care.
  • Self Pay. Home health services that fail to meet the criteria of third-party or government-sponsored programs must be paid "out of pocket" by the recipient of the care or some other agreeing party.
  • Annuities, Reverse Mortgages, and Collective Sibling Agreements. Yes, there are certainly many other options available to help bear the cost of in-home care - too many to mention here and well beyond a simple blurb on the subject.
Can I choose my own caregiver?
We make every effort to align a caregiver with both the client and the services that are requested. We understand that continuity and one's familiarity with a caregiver is very important, and we make every effort to keep that relationship on-going; however, schedule or other restrictions sometimes makes it difficult to always guarantee.
Are we able to change our services and schedule?
Yes, of course. We are very flexible in providing only those services and scheduled visits that you request.
Should we pay our caregiver directly?
All invoices will be mailed directly from our office to you. Your caregiver should never directly receive payment for services.
I'm interested! What do I do next?
Please contact us so we may discuss your situation in detail and propose a care plan that specifically addresses your needs. We will help set expectations, give you an idea of cost, and can start the process rolling if requested.

Proud to be a locally owned and woman operated company.
Fully licensed and insured.

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