Explore the answers to frequenty asked questions about how Emerald's Geriatric Care Management can assist you and your loved ones, with holistic, client-centered elder care.

What is Geriatric Care Management?
Emerald Care’s Geriatric Care Management services take a holistic, client-centered approach to helping older adults and families experience aging in a safe, supportive, autonomous, and satisfying way. Care Management helps structure a seamless experience, improve quality of care, promote client safety and independence, and relieve anxiety for the client and family.
What does a Geriatric Care Manager do?
They take a series of steps to help solve problems of older adults facing health care challenges. They also help the older adults and their families implement and monitor these solutions. A Care Manager can also provide preventative services with the goal of helping families anticipate possible needs in the future so that everyone feels supported and better prepared. They forge a positive path forward for you and your loved ones.
What is a comprehensive geriatric assessment?
It is a multidisciplinary evaluation in which the multiple problems of older people are uncovered, described, and explained, the resources and strengths of the person are catalogued, need for services assessed, and a coordinated care plan developed to focus on solutions to the person’s problems.
How do I know if I need Geriatric Care Management Services?
Are you helping care for an older loved one and it’s not going as well as you hoped? This is not at all uncommon. Reasons for geriatric care management are varied, but are often due to:
Lack of time to give because of other responsibilities;
  • Geographical distance between you and your loved one;
  • Challenging family dynamics;
  • Unfamiliarity or lack of understanding with complex medical or legal issues; and/or...
  • You’re not really sure what to do, what needs to be done, or how to proceed forward?
What are the primary GCM services provided by your agency/business?
We provide consultation, assessment, advocacy, and education using our six key services – Five Star Geriatric Care Management, Geriatric Assessment, Medication Management, Home from the Hospital, Concierge Companion, and End of Life Services.
Is there a fee for the initial consultation and, if so, how much?
No, the initial consultation is complementary.
What are your professional credentials?
I am a registered nurse in the State of Utah and a Certified Care Manager through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers.
Are you licensed in your profession?
Yes, see above. I’m also an Advanced Professional Member of the Aging Life Care Association, formally known as the National Geriatric Care Manager Association.
Are you available for emergencies?
Yes, the after hours/emergency availability details are provided in our service contract.
Does your company also provide home care services?
Yes, we provide unskilled in-home support services.
How do you communicate information?
We can communicate via phone or email.
What are your fees?
Our fees are hourly; please reach out to us to discuss them.

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